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Take the stage

The region of L'Érable is the perfect place to get away from it all, just a stone's throw from home! From flower-filled fields to mountains with autumn colors, to plains covered in white... all seasons will charm you with their enchanting landscapes!

Discover an energy greater than nature and let yourself be enchanted by our giants! Explore one of the most impressive wind farms in Quebec while enjoying the mountain landscapes. Take a guided tour to get to the foot of the wind turbine and admire it in all its splendor. The excursion to the Érable wind farm starts at Espace Sophia in Sainte-Sophie-d'Halifax.

You can also discover the circuit on your own using unique interpretation panels shaped like mini wind turbines. We cultivate your taste for the impressive!

Go fishing where the fish bite!

Do you prefer the tranquility of nature on your own or the excitement of children when they catch their very first fish? In the region of L'Érable, you can choose the ambiance that suits you best!

In the Black River, which runs from north to south through the Grandes-Coulées Regional Park, you can catch trout during the beautiful season. About thirty pools are accessible completely free of charge.

Would you like to learn fly fishing? The Les Jiggeux du lac William Fishing Center and its passionate guides will take you into the world of fishing! For a peaceful day out on the water, there's nothing better than exploring the majestic Lake William from Camping Plage de la Baie or the beautiful Lake Joseph with a boat from Camping des Bois-Francs. And what about the sunsets! We cultivate your taste for letting go!

The landscapes are dotted with historic buildings

Do you like to travel through time? Are you passionate about photography, history or rallies? Let us guide you back to the time of the builders who contributed to shaping the identity and character of the region of L'Érable and witness the rich cultural heritage that our Scottish, Irish and English ancestors have bequeathed to us.

Throughout the Craig and Gosford discovery circuit, you will be charmed by breathtaking landscapes dotted with historic buildings such as churches, presbyteries and cemeteries of various allegiances. The circuit offers you a true journey into the heart of the 19th century. Try the historical rally that covers the 125 kilometers of the circuit and take the opportunity to stop at the St-Jacques-de-Leeds heritage site and the Kinnear's Mills historic site.

Are you still thirsty for discoveries? Explore the 11 municipalities of the territory with the L'Érable entreprenante booklet, which contains a historical portrait of each of these municipalities, as well as a map of the territory that positions the 30 interpretation panels. The 30 stories selected for this circuit still inspire our entrepreneurial dynamism strongly influenced by the agricultural and industrial sectors. We cultivate your taste for discoveries!

Two wheels are better than four!

Whether on a motorcycle or a bicycle, the region of L'Érable offers you magnificent circuits imbued with bucolic landscapes!

Enjoy our three motorcycle circuits and our seven bicycle circuits that will allow you to discover stunning landscapes, tree tunnels, horizons of over 50 kilometers, mountains, a wind farm, plains and diverse cultures, lakes and historic roads.

Our region is also crossed by the Bois-Francs Linear Park, a section of the 77 km Green Route, developed on the former railway track. With a slope not exceeding 2%, this ride will please the whole family!

Do you like to ride forest trails on your bike? The Ancient Forest sector of the Grandes-Coulées Regional Park offers 10 km.



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